whining Posted by Mike Foster: Mike on Twitter.

Whining is an ugly thing to do. I realize we feel better when we do it but it never helps our situation.

When my kids do it I cut them off immediately. When adults do it I call them out and ask them to reframe the conversation.

Whining is a powerless and unproductive place. Worst of all it stinks of victimhood.

You want to stunt your opportunities for a good marriage just whine about your spouse to your friends.

You want to kill any hope of ever getting promoted at work, then complain to other employees about your hours in the break room.

You may be in a situation that really sucks right now but I promise you whining is a death trap to real progress in your life.

Avoid it all costs.

(Btw, I feel like whining about how much I dislike the Lakers.)

Mike Foster