Wake Up To The Wonder Of Living

By Mike Foster The alarm goes off in the morning. You’re not quite ready to wake up. Out of those warm snuggly sheets, you raise your hand into the heartless air and hit the most glorious of all inventions: the snooze button. Hallelujah for eight more minutes of shut eye and denial that the reality of a new morning exists.

But, as many times as you hit that snooze button, eventually you have to wake up. You have to put your feet on the floor and start your day. The snoozing has to stop.

Unfortunately this habit of hitting the snooze button has gone beyond just sleep and carried over into our daily living. Any nudging from God, a conversation starting to go beyond surface level, or a feeling that we need to forgive and, BAM… we hit snooze. The risk to love others and serve God seems enticing, but it’s way more comfortable to stay wrapped up in our warm, snuggly comfort zone.

While the world out there may seem cold and exhausting, God is shaking you. He wants to wake you up to the wonder of living life to the fullest. He desires for you to discover your calling in your world and make an impact on others.

You can’t find out what you were created to do if you’re not doing anything. So, wake up sleeper! God has so much in store for you today.

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Mike Foster is the founder of People of the Second Chance and the author of Freeway: A Not So Perfect Guide To Freedom. He lives in San Diego with his family and fluffy dog.


Mike Foster