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Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories! These are the TOP 3! Vote by putting the JOB # in the comments section that you think is the WORST! Winner gets a POTSC shirt and Starbucks gift card. Voting ends Monday.

JOB #1: Joy E. had to work in a Middle Eastern Restaurant where her boss sent the chef home early one night, dimmed the lights and invited 6 of his adult male friends in. He then turned on Mariah Carey (full blast) and told her to dance while they waved dollar bills. She was 15 at the time! Ouch!

JOB #2 Bryson Moore had to make trinkets for a famous televangelist. He filled thousands of tiny plastic bags with coal, fold little prayer cloths, and stuff thousands of little wafers into envelopes. All wrapped up with a bow and promising wealth and health. Of course the whole thing was a total sham.

JOB #3 Aaron dressed up as a ten foot tall inflatable pig and danced next to the busiest road in Gainesville Fl in the heat of summer to sell hams. (Enough said)

(Btw, Mohan's pet store poop job and Lori's cleaning dirty dental equipment just missed being in the TOP 3. Have a great weekend everybody!)

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