GRACE MOB Posted by: Justin Salters

What I love about POTSC is that it’ s not a place to come to and talk about grace and love, but it’s a movement of people who are committed to BEING tangible grace in our communities, using the platforms and influence each of us has been given.

A couple weeks ago, the young adults small group I’ m a part of had an opportunity to dedicate one of our “Family Nights” to showing tangible grace to victims of one of the worst forms of oppression that exists: human trafficking and the sex industry. Our group came together and made grace cards to send to the girls who have been rescued and are now living at the A21 Campaign’ s shelter in Greece. We were able to write messages of hope and love for these girls, reminding them of how valuable they are, how beautiful they are, and that there is a plan and purpose for their life despite what anyone else may tell them. By the end of the night we had made over fifty cards. Right now they’re somewhere between Southern California and Eastern Europe.

The amazing thing about this expression of tangible grace and love was that it was so easy. Literally, a small group of college students got together on a Sunday night and, instead of just hanging out and laughing the night away, we took our time to do something to give grace, love, and acceptance to the marginalized and oppressed.

That’s POTSC–giving our talent, our time, and our self to overthrow judgment and liberate love. Since that night and drawing conscious attention to the opportunities each of us has to be POTSC, it’s been awesome to see our group commit to radical grace as individuals and as a community.

That’ s what grace does to us though; once we experience it and get to give it to someone else, there’s no holding it back.

Opportunities to give grace are around us everywhere, begging for someone to notice them and extend a helping hand and a loving heart.

If a group of twenty college students armed only with markers, stickers, and some cardstock can do this, don’t ever think you don’t have the platform to be a person of the second chance.

We will only change this world when we decide to speak up and do something.

With our eyes we become aware of judgment and injustice around us everyday.

Now, use your voice to SHOUT against it and your hands to DO SOMETHING to fix it.

How can you be POTSC today?