Labels are a violation.

Somewhere, sometime, someone spoke words over you, and their lies and violation cut deep. You believed them, and became painfully labeled and shamed.

Today, it’s time to identify the label maker, the person who we allowed to label us. We are going to stare down that shame until it dissolves into the nothing it is... no label stands a chance in the light of our worth.

We are going to put a name to the wound... we can’t truly heal till we know why it’s there in the first place. Who said it? Who put the label there? Was it once? Over and over again? Either way, it was carved into us. We are going to choose to be free from the lie of the toxic label, we are going to choose truth.

Let’s as a community of grace talk about them. Wrestle with them. And let’s all be brave in confronting our label maker. This is a safe place.

Let's agree stop the violation today, with each of us... and speak up when we see it happening, even casually. We are not going to sit there and accept it anymore. We will not allow lying, hurtful words to carve meaning into identity. We are going to believe in the truth of who we are - beautiful, loved, accepted and free.