Posted by Mike Foster: Tom Cruise has it going on. He has an electric smile. A stellar movie career. Nice hair.

But I read something about Tom that surprised me.

I guess if you ever meet Tom you will notice one glaring physical attribute about him...he is short.

He is an underwhelming 5' 7" tall. A bit on the small size for an average man.

But guess what? If Tom was only 10% taller he would be 6' 1". And then all of a sudden he would be considered tall.

Alcoholics Anonymous says it takes only an instant to stop drinking.

Leadership guru Tom Peters says:

"Change will take precisely as long as you think it will."

So what does all this mean?

It means that a small, quick tweak in how you approach someone today could make a big difference. Becoming a better grace giver doesn't require lots of training or time.

It is a simple and instantaneous choice.

You don't have to be 100% better today at extending grace. Just try to be 10%

Tom Cruise will always be short. He will have a hard time changing that fact.

But all of us can be just a little bit better grace givers...immediately.

Mike Foster