By Ashley Smith: To the person with a broken heart:

I know that pain, the hole in the middle of your chest, knotted up & burning right through you. I know the feeling of getting your hope up and then having them smashed into the ground, over & over.

I know disappointment. I know defeat.

I know what it is like to have your pillow soaked from so many tears it loses it's fluff. Like my confidence, flat and fearful. I know what it's like to be walked on and beat down and beat up and talked about and talked down and dismissed. I know the feeling of wanting to give up. I know regret and mistakes and wishing it ended up differently.

But I also know that you're stronger than you realize. Stronger than you ever thought you could be. I know that with the sunrise, comes new opportunity for hope to shine. I know that your story matters, own it. And tell it. Live it. Embrace it.

I know things get better and I know it doesn't feel like it now. I know that you will grow and become wiser and learn to trust again.

Please trust again. See the best in people. Don't forget to give grace because you will find it gives you power. Love is powerful. It's more powerful than the hole knotted in your chest. Love it is even more powerful when you love yourself. Please love yourself, you're an exception to the rule. Unrepeatable. You are built to soar, to fly, to dream - and these are not cliches. I know they are real. I know that survival will turn into breathing again. And feeling the warmth of joy radiate on your face. Just breathe.

Because you can get through this. And you will.

You're not alone in your heartbreak, I know this because I was never alone, even though I thought I was.

You're worth it. Always worth it.

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