It was probably a mistake for Sasha Leahovcenco to remove his gloves.  But he couldn't drive the snowmobile with them on, so it was that or nothing.  Nevermind that it was -50F outside.  Their driver was lost, there were kids on board, and they needed to get back to the tribe. When he removed his hands from the steering where, skin stayed behind, and Sasha passed out from the pain.  He woke up shortly after, unable to feel his fingers and sure his days as a photographer were numbered.

But Sasha recovered fully, and continues to be a photographer with the Help-Portrait project.  He has traveled to the ends of the Earth to take and deliver precious photographs -- and dignity -- to people in need.

Things obviously got pretty hairy on his trip to Chukotka Russia, but  the real miracle isn't his recovery, but the amazing work he did while there. In the process of taking photos, he has recorded a people's story and given them a face for the world to see. All through love, and all for free.

Sasha is a great reminder that grace is relentless and far-reaching -- even to the ends of the earth.

Take a few minutes and check out his gorgeous video, which details the grace-filled mission he took all the way to Chukotka, Russia:


Help-Portrait. End of the Earth from Sasha Leahovcenco on Vimeo.