Ugh, another Monday.  And a daylight-savings Monday at that.  Late night, early morning, weak coffee, sore throat ... almost makes you want to give up, right? Well, not today.  Today is #NoQuitMonday, so on days like this, we push back.  We get out of bed and walk out the door.  We keep trying, and we make progress, one step at a time.

You know why else we're not quitting today?  Because this guy just won another PGA event.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, given up for dead after a personal disaster of his own making, has found a way to start winning again.  He's pushed past the scandal, and pushed passed the downfall. I have no idea what's happening in his personal life, but I know a sports comeback when I see one.

What did he have to say about his recent performance?

"I don't want it to be as good. That was never the intent.  I want it to be better."

Don't just make today good ... make it better.   It's #NoQuitMonday, and your comeback starts today.