Posted by Mike Foster:

As we start a new year, now is a great time to take a hard look at what is holding us back.

Often what we find are destructive habits and behaviors that undermine our future success.

The beautiful thing is that we have a choice to change.

In Jud's new book "Throw It Down: Leaving Behind Behaviors And Dependencies That Hold You Back" he lays out a plan to bust through into a new freedom.

I love this book for multiple reasons.

1. The book is a very practical and yet inspiring read.

2. It is filled with real life and honest stories of people "throwing it down."

3. Jud knows his stuff and speaks from personal experience and expertise.

4. It will apply to everyone. I guarantee you will find yourself in this book. You will also walk away with some tools to help find freedom.

I loved the chapters "Grace Spilling Over" which deals with God's redemption and "Ditch The Loner Routine" which places the priority on community.

Jud's conversational and straight talking style makes the book a very fast and easy read.

I may be a little biased but let me assure you, this book will change you if you let it. Let 2011 be the year you experience real freedom and finally break free from all the junk that has been holding you back.


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