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Posted by Mike Foster:

I want to show you 2 photos where I am scared.

On Monday I had the chance to snuggle up with a couple of 500 pound Tigers.

In these photos I'm about to pee my pants. My heart is racing 1000 miles an hour. I'm frightened like a little school girl. (Though I think I'm hiding my fear well.)

This is 100% legit. I faked this photo but not these.

These Tigers are comfortable around humans but they are still completely wild.

Trust me. I saw them flash their fangs and shred a play toy to pieces minutes before I laid down on him.

I know this is totally crazy stupid but guess what?....I'VE GOT PHOTOS OF ME LAYING ON A TIGER NOW!!!

Plus a great story to tell!

So have you done anything crazy stupid lately?

Mike Foster