The Secret Your Breakdown Isn't Telling You

By Mike Foster Have you ever had a breakdown?

One of those moments where all of the bad stuff, hard moments, and the negative vibes add up and you can’t carry them anymore. You fold under the weight and cry or get angry or want to give up.

We all have had breakdowns. And they’ve threatened to break us. Like we’ll never be able to pick ourselves back up again. But there’s a secret our breakdowns don’t tell us…

There’s no mess up too messed up for God’s grace. And there is nothing too broken down for Him to pick back up and put back together again.

Pastor of Hillsong Church in New York, Carl Lentz said, “What appears to be a breakdown can often be a breakthrough… If you understand God’s grace.”

We've come up short, "But (God) gives more grace (James 4:6)." We've hurt someone we love and don't know how to heal, "But He gives more grace." We're still addicted and fighting to be set free, "But He gives more grace." We're even mad at God because life didn't turn out like it should've, "But He gives more grace."

Grace is underserved and God lavishes it on us no matter where we're at in life. He wants to take our breakdowns and make them the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.

So, when life feels like it’s falling apart, will you let God give you His grace and put it back together again?


Mike Foster is the founder of People of the Second Chance and the author of Wonderlife: A Not So Perfect Guide To Who You Are And Why You’re Here. He lives in San Diego with his family and fluffy dog.

Mike Foster