Revolution Posted by Mike Foster:

We simply don't get it. We think we have grace all figured out. But we are wrong.

Our thoughts on grace are sub-par and screwed up. I think sometimes God may wonder what the heck are they doing down there?

We proudly pump up second, third and fourth chances around here. Maybe 70 x 7 if we get REALLY RADICAL! But God says billions upon billions. Again and again and again I forgive do the same for each other.

But unfortunately our relationships are infected with the disease of incrementalism. A sprinkling of grace there...a pinch of mercy over here...partial forgiveness for that dude that screwed us. Revolution doesn't happen through bringing the crumbs and the bits.

What the world desperately needs are grace extremists, not a community of incrementalists where our next door neighbors, co-workers, and enemies would barely notice.

And the results so far...well...they can only reflect what we truly believe. Perfectly mediocre...and lacking the supernatural.

I write this to Mike Foster. And maybe for you too. God forgive us for our smallness and timidity.

Mike Foster