Posted by Mike Foster:

It is a vicious lie. It is the lie that says if we were only "like this" or "like that"...if were more "like him" or "like her"....we would be loved. And accepted.

Arthur Schopenhauer says, "We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people." That's sad don't you think?

We let so many things falsely define us. Clothes. Waistline. Dollars. Job title.

All this is a fake and a sham representation of your real beauty as a person.

Even when you're you. Even when you fear what people will you.

When they scream at you to compromise your soul...your worth...your value...scream back and tell them, "No!"

I promise you the POTSC community will love the real person that God has created. We would prefer the honest you verses the fabricated you.

All the stuff you hate about yourself...we don't even see it. And the stuff you struggle with...well, we struggle too.

We like you. As you are. We're all getting better but we're not hiding what God has made.

So today, have the courage to be you. Fully you. All of you. Because you are loved...just as you are.

inspirationMike Foster