Facebook-logo Posted by Mike Foster:

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who participated in our Facebook "Invitational."

Once again I'm blown away by the incredible support of this community. We have almost reached our goal of 10,000 peeps and couldn't be more pleased.

Btw, it is not too late to invite a few friends or to do a status update of support. Just tag your Facebook status with @People of the Second Chance.

I wanted to say special thanks to our Starbucks gift card winners:

Lindsey Tripple, Jeremy Thomas, Karen Kress, Joanna Kinney, Mike Hammer, Rob Edwards, Tara Hughes, Christopher Wiseman, Jessica Hill, Thom McGuire, Dawn Nicole Baldwin, Bryan Christopher Bolanos, Manda Kirk, Joe Sidoti, Shanna Rivas, Scott Ross, Sheri Munsell, Joshua Mcafee, Michael Entiger and Josh Wagner.

Great job guys! Make sure to send your info to Kristen(at) so we can shoot you your cards.

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