As the summer comes to a close, we are ramping up for some exciting new things this fall! Here are some of the highlights and sneak peak:

  • New wallpapers : The creative team is releasing wallpapers for desktop and mobile devices. Please check them out and pin them at
  • #POTSCLIVE is an online grace experiment happening every Tuesday night.  Check out the bold note-card campaign and what’s happening every Tuesday 7pm PST/ 10pm EST on just follow the #potsclive hashtag.
  • Sade's Grace RallySade is an active member of our grace community at POTSC and launched her own Grace rally in a mall which generously donated some space for her grace-infused, dance, song, poem, experience.
  • Freeway is an interactive process coming this fall consisting of 6 phases designed to help individuals fully embrace grace and self- acceptance. It strategically blends emerging scientific concepts with age-old wisdom. Find out more about the exclusive announcement
  • Coaching was also launched earlier this summer and established a network of experienced trained individuals who are equipped to provide you next step coaching. Rooted in grace and our five core values, the private one-on-one coaching helps people get pointed in the right direction after a difficult season in life. If you find yourself in a valley and want to climb back out, People of the Second Chance coaching can help. Find out more
  • Groups has also had a powerful impact on the POTSC community. You can start a People of the Second Chance group pretty much anywhere! Starbucks, your Church, your office lunch room, the park or wherever you like to hang out! Still have questions? Click here.

This fall take the next step in radical grace, get involved online or in the real world, and help lead a grace-filled life in your world each day. Here at People of the Second Chance, we're about

Helping People Find Beauty and Purpose In Their Story Of Struggle