Posted by Jud Wilhite: Lately I’m realizing I say “someday” too often. Someday I’ll take that trip. Someday I’ll invite them over. Someday I’ll tackle that challenge.

Can you relate? Someday I’ll say I’m sorry. Someday I’ll forgive her. Someday I’ll change careers. Someday I’ll go to college. Someday I’ll take music lessons. Someday I’ll write that book. Someday I’ll pursue my dreams. Someday I’ll get serious about my faith.

I’m realizing that life is so short. Someday may never come. So I’m trying to shift my thinking to ask, “What can I do today to make this dream more of a reality? It may be a small step, but it is something. I’m surprised at how quickly things start to move when I begin to move.

What can you do today to make someday closer to today?