Steps To Forgiveness

Many of us have been wronged. The insults, unintentional hurts, and epic injustices become our all-consuming pet projects as we hunt a solution to right the wrongs. Yet only in Jesus do we find  the courage to admit that we've been wronged and have wronged others ourselves. We tend to forget that Jesus is the ultimate example of forgiveness. He is the model of radical forgiveness and that we are called to offer others and ourselves the same.

Here are some helpful steps in your process to forgive others:

1. Identify who you're mad at and why

- Why did this happen?

- Why did God take him/her so soon?

- Why do I keep doing the same things over and over?

- Why don't they love me anymore?

2. Make a list of how they hurt you

3. Acknowledge that you can't change them or the past. What is done is done.

Real freedom is rarely found by spotting the "why." After all of our failed attempts to make sense of our hurts, it is rather the "who" that is asking us to finally surrender the "why" to God.

4. Pray about it. Forgive and let it go. 

Seriously, let go of it all. It probably sounds too easy, but surrender every messy bit of it. Release back into the wild every poisoned thought, every idea of revenge, and every ounce of hatred. Bitterness does't belong to you anymore. It belongs to the crucified Savior, and he wants it back.

The scars simply remind us of how strong we are and how far we've come.




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