actual-bags-of-poopPosted by Mike Foster:

QUESTION: How do you eat a sh#t sandwich?

ANSWER: As fast as you can.

You get that sucker down as quickly as you can and be done with it!!!

I was talking with my friend Anne 2 weeks ago. I was sharing with her that I'm finally addressing things that have been DEAD LAST on my list for a long time. All that crap I don't want to deal with.

I'm having really uncomfortable conversations and asking for help for things I never would have before.

Making hard and very unpleasant decisions that I have put off too long. Making the phone call I've been avoiding for years. You get the picture.

And let me tell ya...I'm eating that sh#t sandwich as fast as I can. I'm dealing with it instead of nibbling on it.

You've got that same sandwich in front of you RIGHT NOW!

Perhaps for you it means getting on the phone and healing a messy relationship. Maybe it is time to leave that dead end job and pursue a dream. Perhaps you need to say words you have never said before. Maybe you need to finally swallow your pride and see a therapist. Only you know what it is.

Today is the day! It's sh#t sandwich day! IT IS TIME TO GO FOR IT!

Mike Foster