Set Sail

Have you ever stared out into the ocean or sat by a lake to admire sailboats?  Some with bright colors, others with funny names, all with the ability to glide across the water. A sailboat's finest moment is when it's untied from the dock and it's sails are raised skyward as they begin to move with the breeze. Sailboats were meant to sail.  When they do what they were created to, we admire them.  We take pictures. We watch.

While we appreciate a sailboat’s ability to be carried by the wind across the waves, often times we stay docked in the harbor because we're too scared to explore the deeper waters of what we were made to do.

We love to write but we don’t feel like we’re good enough to start a blog.  We have a passion to play sports but we’re afraid to fail so we don’t try out for the team. We long for community but we're too insecure to let down our walls.

So how do we break free of our ties and set sail?


A lot of times our lives are so knotted around the lies someone has told us that we’ve started to believe them. We’re not good enough, we won’t amount to anything and we won’t make it out there in the real world. However, you’re needed out here.  Your gifts and talents are uniquely given to you.  They are something to be admired and shared. Work through the tangles of discouragement so you can embark on your own journey of discovering who you are and what you’re capable of.

Put on your captains hat.

This is your life. You get to choose where it leads and who goes with you. Make goals and plot steps how to get there.  Surround yourself with people who are headed toward a similar destination.  The excitement of going somewhere new and sharing that experience with people who are cheering you on will give you the push you need to untether yourself from the dock.

Steer yourself in the right direction.

For a sailboat to move it has to find the right current to follow so that it catches the wind. When you get out into open water, life will pull you in different directions. The right path for you may not be the same one that a lot of other people are following.  That’s ok.  The current someone else is caught up in may take the wind out of your sails and leave you stagnant.  Do what you know is right and follow your heart.

Enjoy the ride.

Soak in the views and take note of the joy felt from being free.  You’re moving forward with your goals and dreams because you no longer have anything holding you back.  Although it was safer on the dock, you can stifle your fears by remembering that you were created to weather what ever may come your way.

As poet Beau Taplin stated, “Better an oops than a what if.”  Stepping out of a comfort zone is never easy.  We may not be great at sailing right away.  We may get lost.  As we gain experience, we will redirect our ship until we find our path.  Though it will be hard at times, it’s better to have explored life than to sit on the dock wondering it would be like to live free.


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kaley thompson