Posted by Mike Foster: There was a time in my life where I was desperate for a job and I just couldn't catch a break.

I will never forget the time I answered an add in the paper for a job interview that paid $10 an hour. I was so hopeful.

The problem was 30 other people showed up for the same interview and the whole thing ended up being a MLM sham to sell knives to my family. I walked out defeated and more worried then ever about my future.

I write this because I know so many are in this exact situation right now.

You're unemployed or under-employed. You're scraping by to pay the bills. You feel hopeless. Christmas is uncertain. Embarassed by your situation. Defeated. I've been there too.

Or maybe you're just dreading this Christmas week. Family issues. Financial issues. Difficult emotions to work through.  Maybe this will be the first Christmas without someone you loved.

If this is you right now can you let us know on the blog?

Maybe this community can help. Maybe we can't. But at least we'll all know we are not alone. Especially now.

Mike Foster