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Judgment is driven by self. When we judge people we bring OUR prejudices, OUR upbringing, OUR values, OUR set of rules, and even our own failures to the equation. To think that we can divorce ourself of these facts is naive.

As People of the Second Chance we need to rip self out of the formula. We need to completely abandon the control. We need to accept the fact that our human judgment is polluted and impartial.

But this won't be easy.

Why? Because self is our meth…our heroin…our drug of choice…and we can't operate without it. Think of what it is like for a addict to come off of meth. Or for a smoker to quit nicotine after 30 years. The withdrawal from self will be that painful.

But if you can survive rehab, you will be clean, and truly be able to see people as they are.

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