Posted by Sarah:

An Ethiopian man was the first man across the line in Sunday's New York Marathon, but in many ways it was Chilean miner Edison Pena who won the race.

Prior to 69 days being trapped underground in a mining accident, Edison had never run a marathon. In fact, he had never been outside of Chile before he arrived in New York last Thursday.

But when Edison's first chance at life seemed to be about to expire in the Chilean underground, he was struck with a classic case of never-give-up. He weighed the gravity of the situation and decided that the only way to mentally move forward was to start believing in his second chance, as a runner, before he even knew for sure a second chance would come.

And believe he did. Every day of their ordeal, outfitted in steel-toed boots which he cut down to hightops, Edison ran miles at a time through the mining tunnels half mile underneath the surface.  Sometimes he drug a pallet behind him to increase his workout.

Edison said the running became a form of spiritual sustenance. "I was running to show I wasn't just waiting around -- that I would be an active participant in my own salvation,'' he said. "I wanted God to see that I really wanted to live.''

Sunday Edison ran the 26.2 miles of the New York Marathon in 5 hours and 40 minutes, crossing the finish line with escorts waving a Chilean flag behind him. In doing so, he became a voice for the person in the middle of a failed first chance--demonstrating for the world that the real rescue begins the moment you start believing a second chance will come.