bangkok2 Posted by Mike Foster:

Got my passport. My visas. Laptop, Ipad, and Iphone. Shorts and flip flops. And a heart full of anticipation.

Tonight the Foster Family hops on a non-stop 18 hour flight to Bangkok.

We are very excited to be living in Thailand for 2 months. We get back October 1.

I will be blogging and tweeting and all the same stuff. But now from the other side of the planet.

I hope to bring a fresh perspective to life and leadership. I will also be sharing pics of my family at the Chocolate Buffet. Yummy!

You're invited to "virtually" come along. Follow on Twitter. Subscribe to the Blog.

Let's do this together.

(Btw, next week I will show you guys a sneak peek of the cover of my new book, GRACENOMICS. Comes out in October.)