The first step to a second chance is getting back up. That's what #NoQuit Monday is all about.  Standing up, dusting yourself off, and getting back into the race. You can't grasp a second chance, after all, if you give up. That's epecially true for people involved in this year's Boston Marathon, which went from a scene of jubilation to horror in the blink of an eye. Three were killed, dozens were injurered, and hundreds of racers were stopped in their tracks as the marathon was cancelled.

For the runners who were unable to finish, Vermont is offering a special opportunity for a second chance. The Vermont Marathon is giving away 150 free entries to runners who were unable to complete the Boston marathon after the bombings.

The race director has stated:

“Our entire community comes together race weekend to create an atmosphere of celebration.  We’re opening our doors to anyone who was unable to finish Boston, so that they can realize the results of their training and continue the healing process.”

These kinds of second chances don't happen by themselves. The runners must choose to keep running, and the Vermont organizers must choose to reach out a hand.  It's an important lesson to remember -- that we all play a part in each other's second chances.

On this #noquitmonday, take a breath and get back up.  And if you're already standing, reach out your hand and help someone to their feet.  You may be the first step to helping them heal.