By Mohan Karulkar: A second chance has a way of amplifying the good in any situation, whether it's a close friend, a valuable experience, or a loving God.  In the worst of situations, it salvages whatever can be saved and allows to opportunity to build something beautiful.  A second chance salvage operation, if you will.

So as I came across this story, I found myself making comparisons with the testimonies we share every day here.  Although, it's not often you come across one like this:

Tuğçe Kubra Basar is a 15 year old girl from Turkey, and she has cystic fibrosis.  Her lungs have been destroyed.  But two weeks ago, she was given a true second chance at life when she received a lung transplant.   A hybrid lung made up of parts from her mom and dad.

Crazy, right?

Tuğçe's rare, expensive, three-way live operation provides a poignant illustration of how second chances are built -- by salvaging what can be saved, and through the sacrifice of people around us.

You may not have part of a lung to give up, but you can be the person close to a hurting someome and help pick up the pieces of hardship, tragedy, and just plain bad luck.

Let's all agree to strive to be that person.  Because you never know when you might be the one in need of a new lung.

Are you with me?