Posted by Sarah Cunningham: When most of us picture second chances, our minds don't go right to the thought of synchronized weed whacking. But the Detroit Mower Gang, who operates under the urban-inspired slogan--Winning Detroit's Other Turf War, somehow manages to dispense grace through just that.

As you might guess, this group isn't trying to end global injustice or reform the national welfare system...well, at least not today.

For now, they have a much more manageable mission: To "descend upon the abandoned parks of Detroit and mow them in a furious fit of weed whacking."

Chances are most of you haven't been to Detroit (at least not outside the airport) anytime lately. But if you have been, you probably noticed what these guys noticed. Detroit has depressing amounts of abandoned buildings and neglected lots. So much so that places once called "parks" don't really qualify as parks anymore...which means--to some extent--Detroit's children can't play outside like children anymore.

In response to this dilemma, Tom Nardone, who in true Motown style calls himself the gang leader, decided that red tape and slim city budgets shouldn't decide whether children in Detroit get a second chance to play at parks.

So he and the Mower Gang, featured in the video teaser below, decided to create their own second chance.

Know of any other projects spurring second chances at the city level? We'd love to hear about them in the comment section below.