By Jarrid Wilson:

All throughout our lives, we have been told:

1. Crying is not allowed. 2. Keep your pain to yourself. 3. Never let others know when you are weak.

We live in a world that calls failure a weakness, and weakness a flaw. We are taught to mask the truth because, "it's better if you keep that to yourself." And that the best way to lead is from our strengths.

If I can be honest, I think our world has built itself on a shallow and narrow foundation, ready to break at any second. I know this is just my opinion, but I think I have a valid point.

I believe in a God of Grace, love and second chances. And if it wasn't for those divine qualities working together, I wouldn't be standing here today.

I wear my scars on my sleeve because I am proud of who I've become, not who I use to be. Those scars remind me that with God, I can conquer all things. And through Him, healing is possible.

My failures and mistakes are NOT my most treasured moments, but because of His Love, I now have a living testimony of redemption and grace.

You're story is His glory. Share it to the world and be proud of your scars.

Don't hide your scars -- wear them as proof that God heals.