Posted by Mike Foster:

I wanted to share this beautiful poem written by De Jackson called "The People of the Second Chances." You can read more of her poetry at her blog Whimsygizmo.


We are the ones who’ve messed up and stressed out and held doubt in our mouths like a lozenge, relishing its acrid memory.

We have saidseendone things no one would believe past lives laid behind us like some twisted black magic carpet that somehow still led us here.

We have been found and we abound with an inexpressible joy that can only come from being rescued pursued adored.

We are the ones who know what it’s like to be loved anyway regardless still in spite of completely without limits.

We know grace is amazing and forgiveness is free and none of it’s easy but it sure beats going back.

We know that the heart is a fragile and resilient vessel and that the sun shines best through the cracks.

--De Jackson-Whimsygizmo

If you believe in what is said through De's poem, I encourage you to share it. Someone else might need to hear these words today too.

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