Posted by Mike Foster:

So this past weekend 22 of us gathered in an old basement built in the early 1900's to shoot the Labels Lie campaign.

We shot two different photo concepts dealing with destructive labels. No doubt this will be our most authentic, truthful and raw campaign we have ever done.

Ed, our amazing photographer, shot a black and white portrait series of faces. The other concept he shot was called "Dr. Label."

Makeup artists, photographers, special effects artists, hairstylists, models, project managers and a team of incredible helpers all brought their talents to the day.

In 6 hours, 1300 photos were shot, a behind-the-scenes video was recorded, 2 cigarettes were "smoked" and a crew of people had a blast.

Thanks to all those who volunteered their time.

Btw, the first part of the campaign rolls out mid-November. If you're interested in helping with the "Labels Lie" campaign please email Ashley(at)

Mike Foster