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I've been betrayed. More than once. And it wasn't just a small little thing. It was brutal. I wish I could share more details but out of respect for the others involved I will leave it at that.

I remember so clearly what I wanted to do after these events happened....two words....PROTECT MYSELF.

Every thought, move, decision, relationship, was run through the filter of having been stabbed in the back.

It made logical sense to protect myself. To hold back something in my relationships. To hedge. Minimize risk. To dream smaller. I wanted put the odds in my favor that I would never have to go through that pain again.

I justified it really well in my mind. I said things like, "I've got to protect my family, the organizations that I represent, and my future. I can't emotionally, spiritually, and financially take another blow like this."

But what is ironic is that it wasn't the betrayal that ruined my life. It was the protective mode I put in place to deal with my wounds.

I stopped living. I became a hostage to my hurt, instead of learning from it. My life became a cheap version of what I was truly created for.

It is a choice of how we respond to these situations. We can close up and shut down or we can learn and then trust again.

I'm figuring out how to do that in my own life. My prayer for you is that you will join me.

Mike Foster