monkey_smoking_1aAuthor Ian McCallum in "Ecological Intelligence" points out that the elephant, lion, and the spotted hyena all share 90% of our human genetic makeup.

The genetic difference between chimpanzees and humans is less than 2 percent. (And NO, this isn't an evolution/creation post)

So what does this mean for us?

McCallum writes:

"The psychological instincts of the predator, the parasite and the scavenger are in our history and in our blood. We all have something of the hag and the hyena in us. We are all, in our own subtle ways, manipulators, con men and we all own a little bit of the beggar, too.

We are pathetic, but we are also wonderful.

And when we know this, when we recognize our inflation or the scavenger, the con man and the road rage creature within us, then we can learn how to say yes or no to them."


identityMike Foster