By Eryn Erickson: I could simply tell you to believe that you are worth the second chance. But while it’s so easy to type out, many of us experience negative voices and dark shadows that hang around and convince us we aren't worth it.   So instead of me telling you what you should believe, I’m instead inviting you to join me on Tuesday nights -- and give yourself a voice.

Every Tuesday night, we have a little grace party on Twitter called #POTSCLive, where everyone has a voice, no matter your faith, past mistakes, or life situation. We discuss topics that help break down the walls that stand in the way of acceptance and grace.  And it turns out that when you talk to others that are experiencing similar emotions, the dark shadows slowly get lighter, and you don't feel alone anymore.

Last night we talked about tenacity, and collectively shared some incredibly powerful stories.  Here are just a few tweets from last night:

  • @thephilsanders: choosing to not give up is the first step towards healing.
  • @YNFinished: realizing that i am stronger than i think, unlearning bad habits and trying to appreciate me for me.
  • @JulietdeWal: choosing to believe that scars are beautiful, vulnerability is strength and that hope is reality
  • @MichaelDudiak: Knowing that I’ll never be perfect & being ok with that as long as I genuinely try to improve every day
  • @BarbBrandt: Choosing to get up each morning, face another day through darkness & pain & surviving it makes each day more hopeful than the last

Check out "#POTSCLive" next Tuesday night at 7pm PST || 9pm CST || 10pm EST, and in the meantime, here's something you can join me in right now.  Copy that Louis Pasteur quote in the picture aboe ("My strength lies solely in my tenacity") onto a notecard and put it somewhere special. Take a picture of where you placed it and share it on instagram.  Let the quote, and your picture, be an inspiration to you, your friends, and your online family to never give up! Share it with hashtags like #potsc #tenacity #hope.

See you next Tuesday!