Posted by Mike Foster: 1. I had the huge honor to speak at a Willowcreek Church leadership event Sat. morning about how to be POTSC. I love that place and the peeps!

2. I'm currently reading The Power of Full Engagement. And yesterday my friend Brian also hooked me up with "The Future of Management" by Gary Hamel and Philip Yancey's "Prayer." I might actually know some stuff soon.

3. Last week we filed our paperwork to make People of the Second Chance an official 501-c3. Interested in partnering with us financially? Email Kristen(at)POTSC.com

4. While in Chicago this weekend I got to hang with some of the greatest dudes on the planet! I left inspired and my internal fuel tank full.

5. My friend Ronny asked me to be a part of a local TV show called "Getting To Know You." Don't know much about it but I'm already feeling nervous. First TV interview about Gracenomics. Hope it goes well.

6. I'm blown away by the team of people helping us at POTSC. All of them total rock stars in their professional fields. Massive horsepower! I'm so grateful!

7. Excited that Pat sent me the first draft of a small group Bible study for Gracenomics yesterday. We have also developed one for staff teams. More on this later.

8. If you're not reading Sarah's blog...well...you need to. Btw, she is helping me with my next book with Harper One that comes out next October.

9. The POTSC wristband is a surprisingly good conversation starter about grace. Last 3 days I've been asked about it on the plane, Starbucks and while pumping gas.

10. Carlos and Pete are great friends! Thanks guys for your crazy wonderful support.

11. We just added some new speaking dates to the calendar. Maybe see you soon.

Thanks guys for all your love and for making the grace revolution possible.

Mike Foster