Blinded Iranian acid victim pardons her attacker

(Via the Associated Press and Yahoo News)

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — An Iranian woman who was blinded by a suitor who threw acid on her face has pardoned her attacker at the last minute, sparing him from being blinded by acid as retribution.

Iranian state television broadcast footage Sunday of Ameneh Bahrami in the operating room with her attacker, Majid Mohavedi, who was on his knees waiting for her to drop acid in his eyes as punishment.

Bahrami said she has forgiven Mohavedi and pardoned him. State TV showed Mohavedi weeping and saying Bahrami was "very generous."

Mohavedi poured acid on Bahrami's face and blinded her in 2004 for rejecting his marriage proposal.

A 2008 Iranian court order allowed Bahrami to pour the corrosive chemical in Mohavedi eyes as retribution.

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