"Life's going to throw you curveballs — or fastballs in the back of your head. I got hit by one of them. And it knocked me down and I could have stayed there. I had a choice ... and I chose to get up and get back in the box." That was Adam Greenberg at a press conference earlier today.  In 2005, Adam stepped to the plate for his first -- and only -- Major League at-bat, and was struck in the head by a 92mph fastball.  He never fully recovered, and was eventually released by the Chicago Cubs.

7 years later, he's being given a second chance.  He's been signed on a one-day contract by the Florida Marlins.  He'll get his day on the field after all.

Just because you're taken out the game doesn't mean it's forever.  Get back up, and keep going.  You never know when someone will extend their hand and give you another shot.

Check out the video of Adam's story below, and his surprise second chance!

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