If ever there was a time to not quit, it's in the Superbowl.  Baltimore came out swinging, and was up on the 49ers 21-6 at the end of the first half.  If was looking like another blowout Superbowl. Then Beyonce brought it so hard that the building lost power for 30 minutes.  When the lights came back up, the 49ers had a #NoQuitSunday moment, and roared back, outscoring the Ravens by 10 points in the third quarter.  They finished the game within 3 points of winning.

But Baltimore had their own #NoQuit plans, and kept fighting till the end.  They walked away victorious, and (most) viewers agreed they'd seen an entertaining Superbowl.

There's a reason that all but the most die-hard fans hate blowouts.  They're boring.  We're not wired for that.  We want to see a good fight.  We want to see people trying to the end, up against crazy odds.  We love David and Goliath, Tom and Jerry, and Rocky Balboa.  We're wired to not give up.

So as you face down another week that maybe isn't playing out to be the best week ever, remember: the best games are the closest ones, and the best victories are ones hardest fought for.  You can do it, and we're standing with you.  Choose to keep fighting, on this #NoQuitMonday.

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