Neil Patrick Harris, star of "How I Met Your Mother" shares how he went from kid actor to pop culture punchline to a big time star.

In the September issue of Entertainment Weekly, Harris says, "It takes perseverance to go from 'the kid who played Doogie' to 'the guy who played Doogie and now wears suits all the time.'"

Here is some of his advice that applies to both Hollywood AND life.

1. Learn the oboe, go to drama camp, and pray like hell for a lucky break. Try different stuff and do what you love.

2. Brace for the waves. You catch a wave and ride it. But then you have to paddle back out and it's tough. Waves break on you. It takes a lot of work. But once you get out there you can ride another great wave back in.

3. Spoof yourself-before someone else does. Don't take things so seriously. If you've been knocked down it's OK. Learn, laugh and move on.

4. Hits come how and when you least expect them. Success is often just right around the corner. Don't lose hope and have tenacity.

5. Reveal your personal life, not your private life. Be open and real with who you are but you have the right to have things that the whole world doesn't have to know.

6. Don't be a douche. Treat people well along the way.

7. Be a slut(professionally speaking) Say yes to opportunities no matter how big or small.

Anything you would add? What have you learned about comebacks?

Mike Foster