By Ashley Smith:

Love is a decision, liberate it.

Love is art, create it.

Expressing love is art. Love is creative.

When we seek love with new, re-birthed, grace filled eyes, reborn without barriers, we find life. We find second chances. New chances. New creativity. New art. We experience the substance and weight of untamed freedom, true free love.

Be love. Be liberated love.

Not the cliched idea that love is a fleeting feeling or 7 steps to achieve it or 5 ways to show it, liberated love is actionable love. The love that rebirths, gives new chances.

"Most people die before they are fully born. Creativeness means to be born before one dies." -Erich Fromm

Have you experienced this radical, unconditional love? The type that gives birth to new love? The kind where you can stand in front of the closet, full of the shadows and skeletons and darkness of your life and fully open the door, let it all be released and have someone stand with you, holding your hand- and say, "None of this, nothing will change or shape my love for you. My love is not based on what you do or done or could do- it's simply because you are YOU."

I believe this love is possible, I believe this love is what a second chance looks like. I believe that you and I can be this love now, today- that we can receive it and give it freely.

I believe we, together, have the ability to celebrate people for being people. period. That we can liberate love- let it be expressed and lavished freely- even in our DARKEST PLACES, the places where we are most ashamed.

No condition. No guarantee. No judgement. Simply because people matter. WE ALL matter, no matter what.

That we can reinvent and rebirth ourselves in this love daily- that we create art with the palette of radical grace, second chances, acceptance, belonging, purpose and believe in the masterpieces we are.

Be love. Be liberated love.

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