Posted by Sarah Cunningham:

Has anyone else noticed a trend in reality TV?

The secret to making a successful show seems to be:
Step 1. Put more than one female (especially if they’re attractive, top-heavy females) into the same living environment.
Step 2. Stand back and watch the drama unfold.

As much as I hate to admit it, the gender-based strategy for insta-drama is hard to argue. Within a day or two, the decibels go up, the claws come out and the hair extensions come off. It’s hip-thrusting, arms crossing, finger-waving mayhem.
And the producers sit back and collect the reality TV gold.

But sometimes I just want to point out the glaringly obvious: Reality TV is not always a good reflection of reality.
In fact, it purposefully capitalizes on human flaws to build exaggerated dramas. And in doing so, Reality TV breathes fresh air into long-lasting social myths like “women can’t get along” and “women always get jealous of each ???????? ?????? other”.

Anytime I see this, on television or in life, I long for women—I long for myself—to rise up and reject this characterization.
Why don’t more of us resist playing into such simplistic women-hating stereotypes? What a lame line of logic it is to believe the female gender makes women susceptible to lack of character with their peers.

I’m convinced no matter what the cultural messages, no matter what the pre-conditioning, each time we are presented with a temptation to strike out at another female, we have a choice…to feed jealousy or to release it, to nurture catty-ness or to kill it, to enrage a fellow female or embrace her.

So ladies of the second chance, next time you see a tabloid exalt a Hollywood cat-fight between A-list blondes or two thin bombshells scratching each other’s eyes out for reality TV ratings, will you take it as an invitation to join me living outside the myths?

Will you join me in giving woman-woman relationships a second chance?