Life Lessons from a Firework

This is the week for sparklers and the star spangled banner. We’re coming together to grill out, hang out and celebrate the independence of our nation. As you pull out your lawn chairs and blankets to prepare for the July 4th evening, here are few life lessons you can learn from a firework. Be ignited. For a firework to be lit, someone has to use a lighter to catch the wick on fire. In the same way, for us to reach our fullest potential, we need to be lit.  Let someone else’s passion, faith in us, and belief that we have something exciting to offer the world ignite us to live life fully.

Brighter is better. Sparklers are a child favorite. They glitter for a while and can be used to twirl into designs in the night air. Like a sparkler, let your light shine.  Your unique talents, interests, and gifts are meant to be enjoyed.  When life gets dark, it’s these things about you that causes others to find joy and happiness.  We want to see you.

Burst at the right time.  Have you ever been watching a firework show and you notice that one that comes up a little short?  It flies through the air and is missed because it doesn’t burst high in the sky or fizzles out before it pops. Rushing through life can also cause us to try to force our fire. You are not a failure if you don’t make a booming impact right away. This ride of your life has a great purpose in getting you where you need to be.

Be bold.  What makes a firework show excellent is the variety of shapes and colors that streak across the sky.  We all have something that shines about us.  Embrace those distinct qualities because who you are is a vital part of something much bigger.  Your strength is what complements the weakness of someone beside you.  Your design is intentional and you are placed where you are for a reason.  So be bold and burn bright.  Your story plays a great part in a grand design.

Macy’s had a slogan for a 4th of July celebration that said “It begins with a spark.” The disciple Matthew wrote, “let your light so shine before men… (Matthew 5:16).”  Let this holiday mark the point where you began to find your fire, ignite your passions and share what makes you shine.

kaley thompson