In Lecrae's new film for the I Am Second campaign, he recalls searching for significance and finding chaos. Searching for substance in substance abuse.  Looking for answers on TV, and with his peers, but finding only more chaos and confusion.  He also describes struggling with the Bible, but ultimately finding the answers he'd been missing his whole life.

I can relate to that.

In fact, anyone who watches Lecrae's film is sure to see parts of themselves in it.  And that, of course, is the beauty of a well-told story.  It's also why we're so thrilled to have the opportunity to promote it.  Lecrae perfectly describes the second chance that's available to all of us -- the chance to interrupt the cycle of chaos, and find true significance in the grace of God.

His story is compelling and beautiful, and it's one you don't want to miss.  Be inspired.  Be challenged.  Be reminded.  Be encouraged. 

Share the film, and share some comments below on how it made you feel!

Also, Lecrae's album Rehab Deluxe was released YESTERDAY, September 27th. The album includes a DVD containing insight on the life and testimony of Lecrae. His 8 City Rehab Album Tour begins September 29th; check out Tour Dates and Cities.