By Mohan Karulkar: Many of us knew it was coming, and sure enough, Lance Armstrong admitted it all last night.  In an interview with Oprah, he came clean about doping, basically copping to everything he’s vehemently denied for over a decade.  Details of the interview leaked shortly after it taped on Monday, so the confession was no surprise.  In fact, it gave me several days to think about it.

And who am I kidding? I’m pissed. A lot of people are.  We bought his story, and we stood up for him when the going got tough.  He coexisted with giants of strength and endurance -- people like Jordan, Ripken, Favre, and Woods.

He beat cancer, and he won it all.  Like 7 times.

We have a right to be mad.  Heck, take the next few minutes and be mad.  But when you’re done, come back, because there’s something else to think about.


If there’s anything positive to say, here’s the best I’ve got.

The charges didn’t come out of nowhere, but have been dogging Lance for years.  Many stood beside him, and many chose to dismiss him, but no one really knew.  And that’s usually where it stays.

These kinds of stories don’t usually have any closure. 

The world will never really know about Michael Jackson, or OJ Simpson, or Joe Paterno.  The people who know ain’t talking, and the people who cared are starting to forget.

But with Lance, we know.  And like Tiger Woods before him, he now has nowhere to hide.  But what he does have is a story with no question marks.  And in a world of second chances, that’s actually worth something.

Lance Armstrong now has a clean slate, whether you want him to or not.  He’s got baggage, and no shortage of haters, but the question marks are gone.  And in the end, those question marks are what hold your story back the most.

Lance Armstrong ... welcome to People of the Second Chance.