Posted by Mike Foster:

I love starts.

The start of a family. The start of a dream or a mission. The start of a new season of life.

Right now we are all starting something together. It is called 2013.

And the beautiful thing about starts is that it is all new. The next days and weeks and months are still to be written. What you create. How you love. The good you do. It will all be new. Without limitations of the past.

And that, my fellow second chancers is a wonderful thing.

2013 is going to be an incredible year if you let it be that way. It won't be easy. It won't be lacking in pain or struggle. But if we embrace this new start with passion and confidence and expectation, then how can we fail?

Let this be the starting gate of your new story. The clock has been set at zero. The horizon is in front of you. Let's run with awesome anticipation towards the good and beautiful.

We love you guys. Thankful that we enter 2013 together. Hand in hand. Let's go!

PS: Stay tune for an update on a bunch of new POTSC starts coming your way.

Mike Foster