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We love to proclaim that "there is room at the cross for everyone."

We love to point people to it! "Go over there to that cross! There is a spot for you!"

We even wrote a sweet song about it...

"There's room at the cross for you, There's room at the cross for you, Tho millions have come, There's still room for one."

It's never too crowded around the cross. There is always room.

But if we just point prodigals to the cross we get off kind of easy.

Maybe another question we need to ask ourselves is this...

IS THERE ROOM IN YOUR BED? For your wife that lied to you? For your husband who was caught masturbating to porn last night.

IS THERE ROOM IN THE SEAT NEXT TO YOU AT CHURCH? For the homeless dude who smells like beer. For the mom with the restless baby. For the same sex couple exploring faith.

IS THERE ROOM IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD? For that traditional Muslim family? Or the abortion doctor? Or for those obnoxious teens who play their music too loud?

IS THERE ROOM AT YOUR OFFICE? For the just released sex offender trying to find a job? Or for the annoying coffee breath guy?

IS THERE ROOM IN OUR BUSY SCHEDULE to stop and listen to the story of the overlooked and ignored?

If I look at my own life..I'm embarrassed to say there isn't much room.

There is always room at the cross. That's never the issue.

The hard question I have to ask myself...Is there room for them in my life? In my neighborhood? In my bed? In the seat next to me?

That's when my religion gets real.


Mike Foster