Since the launch of the “Never Beyond” series, we’ve welcomed many new faces to the community of second chance living -- it’s exciting to see the movement growing!   It’s also a great time to share what POTSC is all about, what’s been going on through the “Never Beyond” series, and what’s to come. POTSC is a global community of activists, imperfectionists, and second chancers committed to unleashing radical grace everyday, in every moment, for everyone. We stand with those who’ve hit rock bottom and advocate mercy over judgment. We challenge the common notions of failure and success, and are committed to stretching ourselves when it comes to forgiveness and transparency.   We are a group of people who have experienced our own second chances and strive to share them with others.

Our website has been updated with new tools for learning about POTSC and sharing the movement with others. Check out: Who We AreOur PromiseCore Process, and the Grace Mob, and feel free to share the information with others!  Our goal is to inform, inspire, and empower.

The Never Beyond series has given rise to challenging questions and brave conversations on Facebook and Twitter, and among the many blogs hosted by our POTSC community.  We have collectively accepted the challenge to release grudges and give second chances. We’ve committed to living second chance lives in bolder, more consistent, and riskier ways, both online and in real-world communities.

Sunday, September 11 is obviously a powerful day when it comes to second chance conversations, and the Never Beyond image released that week will present a unique opportunity to demonstrate lives that overthrow judgment and liberate love. Be sure to check in and join the discussion.

Each of you has a vital role in sharing second chance living with others, and we’re thrilled to partner with you in moving this movement of tangible grace forward!. If you haven’t already, consider joining the POTSC movement today!