Yesterday, we featured Meagan’s story. It was our most viewed article ever, and also one of the most discussed.  Clearly it struck a chord – on all sides of the argument.  Some people were quick to offer support, forgiveness, and love.  Others took a more dissenting view.  And many didn’t know quite what to think. We think that’s amazing.  But Meagan’s story isn’t a device to spark conversation.  It isn’t a post to bring in numbers.  And it isn’t a draw to sell tee shirts.  It’s flesh and blood.  It’s tears, and anger, and screw-ups, and confessions.  It’s living and breathing.  Like every story we feature, it’s a part of the author – a limb; an organ.

And so, there’s something so much more to note about yesterday’s article than the numbers. The last time Meagan’s story was told, she ran headlong into the Vulture Culture.  She was caught red-handed and kicked into submission.  The Vulture wanted blood, and it got it.  The victims of Meagan's crime, meanwhile, were no better off than they started.  And the mob left a little bit of its humanity behind with every anonymous act of cruelty.  If ever there was a lose/lose situation, that was it.

This time, Meagan’s story came with an overflowing portion of grace.  This time, all sides of the argument were heard.  This time there was discussion, understanding, and healing.  Why? Because this time, an army of 30,000 people stood behind her, regardless of her failings.  And this army says no to shame, no to revenge, and no to the Vulture Culture.

To those of you who have wondered what all this “grace” stuff is about, consider today a line in the sand.  People of the Second Chance is a safe place.  If you are hurting, we are your helper and shelter.  If you are strong, we are your gathering ground.

A safe place offers cover in the storm, and sends people off stronger than they came.  We accept you as you are, and provide tools to empower you.  We deal in Empathy, Tenacity, Courage, Purpose, and Hope.

The hurting are our heroes, and we give them a place to heal.  If that offends you, get in line.  But if you want to be more than the mob, step out.  We reserve the right to love even the most unlovable, and we dare you to do the same.

Taste the freedom of forgiveness, and shake the vulture from your back.

Share this post, and make it your own.  Share our other stories, and make them your own.  Most of all, tell your own story.  Raise your voice and drown out the Vulture Culture.

We are People of the Second Chance, and we're just getting started. Are you in?

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