How to find hope in the darkest storm

What good can come out of some of the darkest storms this broken world has to offer?The answer for Katherine and Jay Wolf is love, redemption and hope.

At the age of 26, Katherine, a young mother and wife, suffered a massive brain stem stroke and was not expected to survive. For the past six years she has been on a miraculous journey of recovery, healing and hope.

"The experience of true hope can make you do things you never thought you could. For us, hope has not been in good thoughts or the positivity of the human spirit. As nice as they are, those things fade shockingly fast when you experience the deepest pains of life. The hope we desperately cling to with every fiber of our being is the only true hope that heals--hope in Jesus Christ.

Hope that He will one day mend all broken bodies and broken hearts. Hope that He will create new life and breath-taking beauty out of the ashes of death. Hope that He will withhold no good thing from us because He loves us that much.

This hope has the power to heal us in the place that is most deeply broken, our souls. It enables us to keep swimming, to walk through hell if we must, and to live." - Katherine & Jay Wolf

Katherine and Jay Wolf are the founders of Hope Heals, with the mission to creatively inspire the healing power of Christ through story, art and goodwill.