Ed Bray is an 89 year old World War 2 veteran who lived his life with a secret that many of us might find hard to believe.  He couldn't read.  His friends helped him when he was younger, and his wife helped him when he was older.  But when she died in 2009, he was forced to finally face his secret head on.

At that point, he would have been something like 86 years old.  Many people would say that he should just let it go -- surely someone else could continue to help him.  But Ed decided that he'd been hiding for too long, and instead of quitting, he finally learned how to read.

Ed overcame a lifetime of habit, dependency, shame, and secrecy.  That's a lot working against him.  Many of us might be in similar situations, with long-term patterns finally pushing us to our limit.  We're here to say that instead of quitting, commit to seizing your second chance.  It's ok if you don't know what that is yet.  There's help, starting right here.  We stand with you, and we are thousands strong.

On this #noquitmonday, hold your head high.  If it's time for your second chance, tell us about it below.