We are excited to feature Serena Woods story during the POTSC Season of Second Chances. Her book "Grace is For Sinners" is available at Amazon and click here to visit her blog. Take it away Serena! I remember standing in a Christian bookstore trying to find something, anything, about Christians who sin. I needed to know why I was able to fall so hard and so far. I wanted to know what that meant about me and where I was supposed to go from there. It was my third store and I was bawling. My faith was failing. I needed help and I found nothing.

The out of touch shallowness I saw was too much to bear. I was in hell and there was nothing in the Christian market that could reach me. I doubted that I ever knew God or that I was ever a Christian. Both of those things made me seriously doubt my own sanity.

Through all of that, I could not get rid of the assurance that God was there and He was waiting for me to see Him. Sadly, it was in spite of my Christian community that I found the truth about sin, grace, and God’s purpose for all of it. If I had listened to my Christian friends, I never would have come back.

I studied the scriptures because my life depended on it. I was looking for the definitive condemnation, but I found grace. I could not escape the message that God was never going to let me go. That reality transformed me.

Ignorance about grace is forming a picket line between the sinner and the Savior. People think they’re standing up for morality and Godly living, but they’re just standing with the ‘Accuser’.

There is an entire community of people who are trapped in their own hell and cannot find the way out. Their faith is failing. I know that kind of suffering and I refuse to leave them out there.

I know what is happening to them and I know what they need to hear. This is me, taking my flashlight into the dark so that the fallen will know they’re not alone and that God has not given up on them. Grace isn’t reserved for those who don’t need it. Grace Is For Sinners.